Springboro Child Care

Frequently Asked Day Care Questions

FAQsWhat are your Child Care rates?

We have flexible day care rates based upon your enrollment requirements. Call us and we will discuss in detail your options for enrollment.

My child goes to public school. Do you drop off and pick up from school?

Yes, for a nominal fee.

What about school districts other than Springboro?

We are unable to arrange transportation to and from schools other than Springboro public schools.

Do you provide lunch?

We have contracted with a local caterer to provide age-appropriate meals at an additional fee. Milk and utensils are included. You may also choose to pack your child’s lunch.

Do you offer vacation credits?

Yes, we do. On each anniversary date, you will earn the equivalent of one week of your average enrollment during the previous year. For example, if your child attends five full days per week, you will earn five full days of vacation time. If your child attends three half days per week, you will earn three half days of vacation time. Your credits cannot be rolled over from one year to the next.

What are your ratios in each room?

We are cognizant that the lower the teacher-to-child ratio, the more individualized attention each child will receive. Our goal is to maintain the lowest teacher to child ratios of all childcare centers in the area.

For more information, please call us at (937) 885-3428.

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